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"Yoga is the movement and the arrival to a point. The physical practice is what can help release us from our past and help us arrive in the present moment"

Yogipearl's offerings include ongoing weekly and pre-registered public and private yoga classes, customized yoga programs and meditation workshops for individuals and private groups in and around the community of Abbotsford, BC.


Classes are designed to be inclusive from a view that we are all unique individuals that learn, grow and flourish within an encouraging, engaging and nourishing community.


FLOW - a faster paced, well rounded practice that focuses on dynamic movement int and out of postures to help build strength and stamina in the body. The spine is moved in all directions.


HATHA  / FLOW- a slower paced practice, with longer static posture holds with focus on structure and alignment. 


MEDITATION & MOVEMENT - we link our movements with our breath in this class, and move in a mindful way. We explore different breathing techniques and end the class with a meditation. 


REST AND RESTORE - a slower paced practice, using props to help the body relax and rest deeply. We slow down the nervous system, help release tension in the mind and and bring us into a state of calm and relaxation.

YIN - a slower approach where we relax our muscles and stress our joints, ligaments and connective tissues. This class is all about finding our edge, becoming still and holding postures for a length of time. A good compliment to our more dynamic asana classes to help keep us flexible.

Please contact p.earl@shaw.ca for current schedules and more information.