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Creating and settling into our foundation is the first thing we do. And it is from this strong foundation we feel supported and can build upon our practice.

What is Meditation?

Simply stated, meditation is taking the time to simply ‘be.’ It is where we find time and space to sit and allow thoughts, feelings and emotions to come up in our minds without trying to change them. We learn to create space where we can un-attach any judgment, without reaction to what comes up in thought and feeling.  We begin the process of letting go – of fear, of expectation, all of it.  We all meditate for many different reasons, but at the heart of the practice, it is a way for each of us to see ourselves as we really are, in all aspects so we can get inside and connect to our heart and inner-self. 

What Meditation Isn’t

Meditation is not stopping thoughts or clearing the mind. It is allowing anything and everything to come up and be there.

It is not about sitting for hours and hours. It doesn’t have to be how long we sit,  it is taking the time, as much time as we have to sit – with or without distraction.

It is not an escape from reality. It is being realistic as to who and what we are, and what is real in our life.

It is not difficult. We learn and apply different techniques to help us focus and concentrate and lessen the distractions of our mind.

Why should we meditate?

There are so many reasons as to why we should meditate from physical to physiological. It helps us deal with day-to-day stresses that come up and our emotional reactions to people in the world around us. Meditation helps us to see ourselves - as who we are underneath all the layers we have created around our outer self. A few of the many benefits are:

  • Lower BP, heart rate, and cortisol levels (stress producing hormone) in the body  

  • Less physical aches and pains

  • Reduced anxiety, less emotional reactivity

  • Improved immune system

  • Decreased insomnia,

  • Balanced metabolism

  • clarity of thinking

Which method is best? 

The best answer is: “Different methods work for different people at different times”. Whether it be the body, the breath, visualization, mantra or use of a mala - we try out different techniques. Not one imethod is more important than the other; “WHATEVER WORKS WINS!”  And this is our practice.

our foundation connects us to the earth and sets the tone of our practice.